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Air Jordan VII


Nike VP of Creative Design Tinker Hatfield may be best known for his work with the Air Jordan, but he’s responsible for so much more. Air Max? His. The entire concept of cross-training? Yes. He also came up with something called Huarache, a line (a cross-trainer, a runner and a basketball shoe) of minimalistic ultra-lightweight sneakers.
The reason I bring this up now is that the Air Jordan VII was imbued with Huarache DNA (they came out around the same time). The sleekest and most slimmed-down Air Jordan yet, the VII shared the Huarache’s minimalist upper and lack of a Visible Air bubble (the first Air Jordan to not have Visible Air since the II).
And while the VII might be best remembered for its ad campaign (featuring a certain wascally wabbit), it should be remembered as the most successful on-court shoe Michael Jordan ever wore. Another NBA championship and an Olympic Gold medal with the Dream Team. The lightweight shoe was a heavyweight on the court.

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  • http://Slamonline adelpho3

    Any fan of hurache is a lover of the AirJordan VII,this is one of the only Jordan sneakers that you could do almost anything in,strange enough when they first came out and even when they retroed people actually were seen running and cross training in these,that’s why i personaly dub these J’s as the ‘Versatile’,Thanks Tinker Hatfeild

  • jkidd biggest fan

    I like em but they could be a little shoter

  • jkidd biggest fan


  • niQ

    these eventually grew on me.. wasn’t a big fan when it first came out but i guess the retro’d colours had somethign about them that made me grow on them

  • Jman209

    Really one of the more popular of da dynasty but is best in da Olympic colorway. Got Da Frenchie’s

  • CAPO

    best j’s eva ….at least to me

  • Quintez


  • http://slamonline.com q-man 4rm chs

    these iight not like da new ones tho

  • http://slamonline.com q-man 4rm chs


  • Ravioli from KCMO

    When I got these I felt like Buggs Bunny, running,jumping,just completely going crazy on da inside!! But on the outside I was cool, calm, and collective!!!! One of the hottest jordans!!!

  • Vinny

    honesLty i Like aLL joRdans but i thiNk thosse aRee the ugLiest i hatee peopLee whoo juSt by new joRdans every other week thee shoes ugLy i rather get an oLd shoe than that

  • R

    adelpho3 got it right on the $, huarache fit was perfect, responsive and light, can do anything in these, like the XIVs, one of the better ball shoes out there…olympic colourway the best in the range alongside OG colourway above…just a beautiful shoe…

  • Jordan is my father

    These are definetely in the Top 3 j’s ever…if not #1 in my opinion..They are just raw but sophisticated at the same time..

  • sp

    I had these in fourth grade im 24 now. This shoe was nice.

  • josh

    these shoes are bad boys