Thursday, July 10th, 2008 at 10:01 am  |  4 responses

Jennings Pushes the Issue

Without really doing anything – Brandon Jennings is forcing reform on the “one and done” rule.

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  • Buttons

    This non-sense about the downside of his decision … What if he gets hurt? … What if he doesn’t play well? … Uhh … if I’m not mistaken players have been hurt in college … even more highly rated high school kids turn out to be bust in college. So explain to me how facing those SAME risks while making money and being able to focus on your job and only your job while playing against PROFESSIONALS not just student-athletes is any different? Funny … how they call these athletes students when they take classes like “Movie Appreciation”. Anyway… when you look back at most of the player that where drafted from over-seas most of them DID NOT START on the teams they played for. (DIRK, MANU, Darko even) … they were drafted high (not high in Manu’s case) because of their POTENTIAL and talent … which barring injury he isn’t likely to lose.
    So GREAT for Brandon!!! I for one hope he does Amazing … I am upset about the fact I can’t watch him play next year … which happens to be the ONLY thing I don’t like about this deal. And I pray David Stern and the rest of the NBA don’t try and stick it to him. Heres hoping I see a Ricky Rubio VS. Brandon Jennings game on youtube or something next season.


  • Buttons

    O yeah … FIRST!!!!!!!

  • travie

    I agree with “Buttons”… I would love to see Ricky Rubio vs. Jennings!!!

  • AYO!!

    props to buttons u gave a dope argument