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Kevin Durant Wants Scott Brooks to ‘Shut Up’ About Turnovers

When it comes to turning the ball over, OKC Thunder superstars Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook prefer if head coach Scott Brooks didn’t say anything at all. Per the Oklahoman: “One thing Scotty needs to do is just shut up,’ Durant said. About the team’s turnovers, that is. So far this postseason, Brooks’ silence has been golden. According to guard Russell Westbrook, the Thunder was terrible at taking care of the ball when its coach harped on it during the regular season. But when Brooks piped down in the playoffs, Oklahoma City immediately enjoyed better ball security. Which explains why Durant playfully suggested for his coach to put a sock in it. ‘We’ll probably be a better team,’ Durant joked. Brooks is on board with his two All-Stars. ‘Usually, I don’t agree with either of those guys much, but they’re telling the truth. I haven’t mentioned the turnovers at all,’ Brooks said. ‘But I haven’t mentioned it because we haven’t turned it over. Trust me, if we’re turning it over 25 times I’m on ‘em and showing every clip and why we’re turning it over because of bad spacing and so forth.’ [...] After leading the league with 16.3 turnovers during the regular season, the Thunder now heads into the Western Conference Finals against San Antonio averaging a postseason-low 10.7 turnovers.”

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  • http://hoopistani.blogspot.com hoopistani

    Well, it’s been mentioned now, so…

  • joe rivers

    Information flow and a clearer understanding of situational game analysis will easily convince Brooks to shut up. Logic would suggest Brooks will undoubtly take a complete hands-off approach. A more focused energy on himself will make him a better coach and make the Thunder a better team. This may be viewed as a lack of support, on occasion, by some players, but such feelings should be isolated and quickly dissipate in the playoff atmoshere.

  • Nashty


  • Basketball iQ

    i never told anyone who was supposed to be leading me to ‘shutup’ “PLAYFULLY” … just thought i’d put that out there. I might’ve whispered it to myself a handful of times but never… come on now. I might have to cancel a bet I made on okc after reading this.

  • Dennis

    I would strongly hope that Brooks would learn to repeat make some adjustment to his team and himself. BB is all about
    Making adjustments he never did make any.