2018 MSHTV Camp: Top Youngsters

The 2018 MSHTV Camp was live. Held in the Midwest’s nicest basketball facility (Pacers Athletic Center, which is also home to the Nike EYBL), over 400 players from 37 states made the venture to Indianapolis to show that they could hold it down with some of the nation’s finest. In a generation where exposure is essential, there was no
better place for a young hooper to be than MSHTV.

SLAM was holding it down with cameramen on four courts and there is a reason why. In the three years if the camp’s existence (this was year four), the MSHTV Camp has generated over 100 million video views on various platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and 13 players obtained USA Basketball invites afterwards. The vast majority of the nation’s top youngsters were in the building (in addition to elite HS players such as Kyree Walker and Terrence Clarke). In fact, 6 of the top 10 2023 players (including the top two) and the two best 2024 ballers were amongst the group. While we didn’t dive too much farther, the word throughout camp was that the #1 players in some of the younger classes were in attendance as well. Needless to say, at the MSHTV Camp, the future is now.

Here are a few of the top youngsters who caught our eye:

Elijah Fisher, 6’4, SF, Grassroots Canada, 2023

A phenom dating back to when he was a dunking sixth grader, Elijah Fisher showed why he’s still right there (along with Mikey Williams) as the top player in the class of 2023. He was unstoppable slashing to the rim, showed off ridiculous court vision, and even threw down two eastbays in the same game. The raw talent and tools are certainly there for Fisher to be that next dude up out of Canada.

Mikey Williams, 6’1, PG/SG, NYBA All-Stars, 2023

Easily the player who had the most buzz around him, Mikey had people crowding his courts all weekend long and even had Montana of 300 watching him put on a show in Indy. He had finishes that were reminiscent of a young D-Rose, hit endless pull-up J’s off the bounce, and had onlookers buzzing with the insane hops he showed during warm-ups. The San Diego product has a buzz around him unlike anyone at the pre-HS level not named LeBron James and after seeing his exciting style of play in the flesh, it’s easy to see why.

Cameron Barnes, 6’9, PF, Drive Nation EYBL, 2023

While there were other players who are better right now, a case could easily be made for Cameron Barnes as the best long term prospect in the class of 2023. He showed off an outstanding jumper out to the three point line, was able to dunk easily off both legs (similar to John Wall), and used his nearly 7’4 wingspan to change the game on D. While Cameron will assuredly need to add weight to his slender frame, the upside he possesses is simply insane.

Rayvon Griffith, 6’6, SF, North Coast Blue Chips, 2023

Next in line out of Cincy, Rayvon Griffith has a massive amount of natural talent and has no problem letting everyone know about it. He put a hurting on the rims in transition, bombed deep threes, and guarded multiple spots (when engaged). The raw tools and long term potential that Rayvon offers have solidified his place in the top 10 for 2023.

Omaha Biliew, 6’7, PF, Beyond Ball, 2023

A man of mystery coming into the event, Omaha Biliew proved to every scout in attendance that he belonged in the top 10. The Sudanese import had sick bounce (threw down a number of 360’s), showed excellent timing a shot blocker, and ran the floor with possibly the best motor of anyone in Indy. Toss in his 7’0 wingspan and emerging face-up game, and you’ll understand why there is so much intrigue surrounding him.

Jahzare Jackson, 6’10, C, North Coast Blue Chips, 2023

The most massive player at the event (despite being an 8th grader) showed that he had some serious game, too. Big Jah was outstanding turning over either shprospectdisplayed outstanding hands, and controlled the glass as a rebounder. Naturally, he will have to continue to improve upon his conditioning, but the package of size, skill, and coordination make him a special prospect.

Mikkel Tyne, 5’10, PG, North Coast Blue Chips, 2024

Despite being 5’10, Mikkel Tyne was simply a man amongst boys at his age group. He was unstoppable attacking the rim (especially going right), finished with creativity at the rack, and had no problem overpowering opposing lead guards once they got on his hip. Another elite Canadian prospect, Tyne is yet another example of the Vince Carter effect north of the border.

Tayshawn Bridges, 5’11, PG/SG, Milwaukee Spartans, 2024

Tyshawn Bridges is a player whose skills are developing rapidly, but whose natural talent is also off the charts. He was very aggressive, got to the rim on anyone guarding him, and constantly challenged the opposing team’s best player throughout the weekend. With Milwaukee already having Patrick Baldwin Jr. and Michael Foster as elite prospects in the sophomore class, Bridges has the gifts to be next in line.