Lawrence Frank Hiring Lawyers After Demotion By Jason Kidd

You know things are bad in Brooklyn if attorneys are getting involved. Head coach Jason Kidd put Lawrence Frank in the coaching doghouse on Tuesday, and now Frank is reportedly lawyering up. Per the NY Post: “Nets assistant coach Lawrence Frank is in the process of retaining ‘high-powered’ legal counsel, presumably to settle a buyout with the franchise in the wake of being ‘re-assigned’ by head coach Jason Kidd, a league source said. When the Nets hired Frank — a former head coach with the Nets, whom Kidd had publicly pursued to be one of his assistants after taking the job back in June — they gave him a six-year deal worth a total of roughly $6 million, according to league sources, making him the highest paid assistant coach in the NBA. […] ‘I think [Frank] is still working, so there’s no disappointment,’ Kidd said after Wednesday’s practice. ‘So we move on. It’s part of the job. He’s working. He’s giving his reports … so do I miss him? No. He’s doing his job and what I’ve asked him to do.'”