A Peek at Ron Artest`s Potential Suitors

by July 01, 2009

Among the various teams, Ron`s agent sounds particularly enthused about the Lakers: “If either Trevor Ariza or Lamar Odom prove to be too expensive for the Lakers, one backup option could be Houston forward Ron Artest, a player Mitch Kupchak has targeted in the past. Agent David Bauman said Tuesday afternoon that the Lakers, Cleveland Cavs and Orlando Magic were three teams he expected to join Houston in pursuit of Artest. `Ron’s tight with Kobe,` Bauman said. `From a basketball perspective, the Lakers make perfect sense. Ron is a winner. His best fit is when he’s on a winning team. He shoots the three, posts up smaller guys, and defensively he’s a beast. Certainly those are skills a contending team would find attractive.`”