A People’s Champ’s History of Khalid Salaam

By Sam Rubenstein

Khalid Salaam. A great writer and editor. A good person, and a nice guy. I consider him not only a co-worker, but a friend.

Unfortunately, Khalid is a Philadelphia Eagles fan. I am New York Giants fan, who might be a little bit sick in the head. We have a somewhat civil rivalry, and the trash talking this week hasn’t gone too far. Khalid’s main point is that the Iggles are so decimated with injuries to players like their sweetheart QB who pukes his guts out more often than Nicole Richie, their underachieveing “superstar” nicknamed “The Freak” who was blasphemouly referred to as the next LT when he was a rookie with the Titans, and so on. I’m sure Khalid has a bunch of other excuses ready. He has been spending the week reminding me how down and out the Eagles are, and that the Giants better not blow this game – kind of like how Philly blew their 24-7 lead over the Giants in front of their booing, injury cheering home fans – cause the loser probably won’t be making the playoffs. Kind of like how the Eagles didn’t make the playoffs last year.

But there was a time when Khalid didn’t have to resort to hating on the Giants. His Sillydelphia Eagles were flying high, on their way to the NFC Championship game year after year, and one time – GASP – they even made the Super Bowl. I now present to you, for your weekend enjoyment, a short graphic novel that I like to call:

A People’s Champ’s History of Khalid Salaam

That’s right, bold and italics. It’s that big. This is my first graphic novel. I don’t want any money for this. All I want is for Khalid to read it and bubble over with anger and/or shame.


Have a great weekend everyone!