A Tiny Chink in MJ’s Mythology Armor

by September 10, 2009

According to Mike’s former teacher, a popular tale of his is pure BS: “Ruby Sutton has a distinct pet peeve when it comes to the subject of her former pupil, Michael Jordan: the oft-told story of how he was ‘cut’ from the Laney High varsity basketball team as a sophomore, spurring him to greatness. ‘Back then, (most) 10th-graders played JV; that’s just the way it was. Nobody ever ‘cut’ Michael Jordan,’ Sutton, who still teaches physical education, said this month, shaking her head as she retold the story for at least the 100th time. ‘Him not making the varsity that year was not his motivator – he was motivated well before that. He just always wanted to be the best.'”