Adam Silver Says The League’s Heading Towards ‘A Set of Guidelines’ for Resting Players

by June 12, 2017
Adam Silver

Resting healthy players has become one of the biggest issues in the NBA. Fans get upset when they don’t get to see their favorite players and teams get upset when their players go down with preventable injuries. Adam Silver’s gone on record to say that resting healthy players has to change and he explained how the League’s taking steps towards “significant penalties” for resting players. On Marc Stein’s podcast, Silver said:

“We’re not ready to go there yet,” said Silver. “We had a conference call with the competition committee earlier today, and as I had said the other day, where we’re heading is the adoption of a set of guidelines that will be in place for next season which will strongly recommend that the extent players are rested, they’re rested at home and not rest multiple starters on the same night.”


“I’m reluctant to get into the business of directing these great coaches on minutes because players are often injured during the season but not to the point where they otherwise can play but maybe shouldn’t play but it’s a function of league doctors versus team doctors on how healthy a player is and whether it’s appropriate the player be out on the floor on that night.


“I would like to come up with a system that relies on the good faith of our teams that the extent rest is necessary and it’s done in an appropriate way.”   

Adam Silver: Man in Charge

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