Adelman on T-Mac: ‘A Long Ways to Go’

by November 11, 2009

At this point, the only person in the Rockets’ organization with any sort of optimism about McGrady’s comeback, is Tracy himself: “There is no timetable,’ Adelman said. ‘Though it looks like there’s been a lot of timetables out there the last day or so, there hasn’t been for me.’ Though McGrady said Tuesday he’s in no rush to return, Adelman understands if McGrady is impatient. ‘The biggest thing in talking to him is he doesn’t have the pain he had last year,’ Adelman said. ‘He still has a long ways to go as far as running the court, moving, defensively, those types of things. The biggest thing in his mind is last year he had a definite limp. He does not have that. Coming off that (microfracture) surgery, you’re not going to have that explosiveness. You’re not going to have the quickness.”’