Afternoon blogs

Blazer thoughts is a 300 pound GORILLA. Interesting how the worst teams are the ones that try to keep their fans quiet

PpodOh my God a Pavel Podkolzin post! I’m scared.

Lang isn’t the only one whose life revolves around Al Harrington trade rumors.

Cavalier Attitude… still paranoid and defensive about anyone that even hints at LeBron leaving. I love it.

So, remember when Darius Miles was being called the next KG? Did I just make that up? Anyways, no truth to the rumor that they were about to play for the same team.

Speaking of Kevin Garnett, I Heart KG points out that he’s blogging from China. Kind of like Alan Paul.

If you’re as confused about the Kevin Walker situation as I am, this should help.

Finally, I’m heading to Philly tomorrow just to hang out. In honor of that, here’s a link to the Rocky VI trailer if you haven’t seen it. Wow… just, wow. If you don’t hear from me tomorrow, have a great weekend everyone.