Al Harrington: ‘I Know Donnie Wants Me Here Long-Term’

Despite skepticism from the local press corps, Harrington believes he’ll be wearing a Knicks jersey for a while: “Harrington is signed through next season — an expiring contract that could be dealt this summer. Though the Knicks want to create cap space for the summer of 2010 to sign two players, Harrington claimed he’s been told by Walsh, who drafted him in Indiana, he has a future here. ‘I know Donnie wants me here long-term,’ Harrington said. ‘I’ve talked to him about that. I know Coach [Mike D’Antoni] likes what I do on the court. Two players can’t win by themselves. In order to be a championship team, you need a lot of good players. I feel like I’ll be a great complement to whomever they bring in.’ Unless Harrington signs for the minimum, he will have to show more next season. His puzzling campaign continued in Monday’s loss when he committed eight turnovers and got ejected. D’Antoni tellingly did not mention Harrington’s name Monday morning when he reviewed the positive ‘markers’ the club set. D’Antoni wishes Harrington would be a better ball mover and defender.”