All Eyes on Mo Williams Now

by May 21, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

There was an interesting moment during the postgame news conference last night, as Mo Williams attempted to take full blame for the Cavs’ surprising Game 1 loss.

After a reporter asked if LeBron had perhaps looked for his shot a little too much in the series opener, Williams said that James had done nothing wrong (a keen observation) and that it was the point guard’s fault for not providing the support needed to pull out a win.

“I have to take pressure off of [LeBron]…I look at myself, 6 for 19.” Williams said. “LeBron is 20-30 from the field. I don’t care, he can go one-on-one all he wants.”

“I got 19 shots still,” Williams added. “It wasn’t him.”

That’s all fine and well, but here’s the thing, though. Whether or not he beats them to the punch, everyone is still going to blame Mo Williams (and the rest of the supporting cast) for the loss. Not to take anything away from what the Magic did in Game 1, but LeBron’s crew let him down, and wasted one of the great Playoff performances of all time.

All eyes are on Mo now, for perhaps the first time this year. Which is part of the reason the Cavs went after him so aggressively in the offseason. He’s gotta deliver now.