All-Star ’10: Third Balloting Returns

by December 31, 2009

by Ryne Nelson

OK, I’m willing to say it now: Tracy McGrady will lose his starting guard spot at All-Star 2010. As usual, the second West guard spot is a tightly contested popularity battle, with three players (McGrady, Steve Nash and Chris Paul) all showing early chances of being voted in.

But today, it’s safe to say the battle has gone down to two. T-Mac is out of the running, folks.

Mac’s support has been on a slow decline since the first balloting returns three weeks ago. His lead is now a slender hair above 1,000 votes. Chris Paul edged-out McGrady during the final voting period in 2009, despite a much larger difference in total votes. This year, though, don’t expect any drama surrounding T-Mac’s bid at the starting five. He’s on pace to finish fourth among Western guards.

Out East, it looks like we’ll see the same starting lineup as last season — LeBron James, Kevin Garnett, Allen Iverson, Dwyane Wade and Dwight Howard.

Out West again, with Amar’e taking center-eligibility, Melo’s the lock at the forward slot. And it doesn’t seem likely that Tim Duncan will edge out Dirk Nowitzki since the All-Star game’s in Dallas.

Oh, and we should point out that, despite the Internet and SportsCenter and Twitter, playing in a small market hurts the marketability of game’s young stars. Deron Williams, Brandon Roy and Kevin Durant had their chances nullified from the get-go because of their relative lack of exposure. It’s sad, really…

LeBron James 1,579,530
Kevin Garnett 1,317,739
Chris Bosh 644,473
Paul Pierce 320,499
Josh Smith 293,680
Dwyane Wade 1,539,968
Allen Iverson 806,749
Vince Carter 651,134
Ray Allen 452,708
Gilbert Arenas 407,581
Dwight Howard 1,479,625
Shaquille O’Neal 536,681
Al Horford 157,050
Andrea Bargnani 146,595
Brook Lopez 133,106
Carmelo Anthony 1,410,356
Dirk Nowitzki 753,971
Tim Duncan 685,390
Pau Gasol 667,767
Kevin Durant 474,506
Kobe Bryant 1,606,032
Tracy McGrady 649,563
Steve Nash 648,558
Chris Paul 622,619
Jason Kidd 405,027
Amar’e Stoudemire 1,143,849
Andrew Bynum 676,634
Nene 235,276
Marc Gasol 190,476
Antonio McDyess 130,058