Allen Iverson Didn’t Lift Weights: ‘S–t Was Too Heavy’

Allen Iverson has a simple and hilarious explanation for why he avoided the weight room throughout his storied NBA career: the barbells were too damn heavy.

The Philadelphia Sixers feted The Answer on Friday night for his enshrinement into the Hall of Fame.

The legendary guard says he was always ready to ball out, regardless of his attitude towards training.

Per Philly Mag:

“My teammates felt like if I was on their team, that we could beat anybody. It don’t matter who’s on the roster,” Iverson continued. “I like to think that the fans out there felt the same way.”


Iverson did acknowledge, in a rather hysterical manner, the apparent contradiction in that attitude considering his rather infamous thoughts on practice.


“I would never lift weights, and train and stuff like that because shit was too heavy,” Iverson explained, in a way that only Iverson could. “I would get treatment, though. I would try to heal. I would try to get my body ready in order to play. I see now these guys are sitting out and stuff like that, I never thought that could ever happen.”