Allen Iverson Lost to Nelly in H.O.R.S.E.: ‘I Had Been Drinking’

by March 02, 2016

The story of Allen Iverson and the rapper Nelly competing in H.O.R.S.E. has been out for a few years, but in an engaging Q&A published by Complex this week, The Answer finally revealed why he lost in the first game.

A.I. says he had a few drinks prior to going up against Nelly, but made sure to come correct in the rematch.

Check out the piece—the future Hall of Famer opens up about his longstanding partnership with Reebok, his unending love for T.G.I. Friday’s, the infamous dress code’s effect on current NBA fashion and much more:

Have a lot of rappers over your career tried to come at you on the basketball court?
Not one-on-one. Me and Nelly played H.O.R.S.E. He’s a friend of mine. I remember one night we went to Jermaine Dupri’s studio and I had been drinking before I got there. We went into the gym and he beat my ass. Then he went on 106 and Park and bragged about it. So the next time we played, I made sure that I came prepared. I hadn’t drunk anything and beat his ass. And during that game he was saying, “You need to get him a couple drinks.” I told him, “Nah. Not today. You ain’t going to brag on this one.”


Have you ever played ball with Post Malone?
I never got an opportunity to meet him. I want to meet him. He did an awesome job. I was just telling my friend on the way over here that when we get in the car, we hear [“White Iverson”] at least like 10 times a day. It definitely gets a lot of record play around here. And it’s just an honor for him to make a song with my name in it.


Speaking of (Russell) Westbrook, he’s also made a name for himself with what he wears off the court. Your name is always linked to the changing of the NBA dress code. Do you think it should be changed again?
I don’t have an opinion because it doesn’t affect me. But, the way that I feel about the dress code is, if they had a problem with what I was wearing, I don’t know how they don’t have a problem with what these guys are wearing. Good gracious. I ain’t ever see nothing like it. I’m sitting at home like they used to bother me about what I was wearing and these guys come in here…. [Shakes head.] You know what I’m saying? [..] It’s funny to me. But, I just felt the NBA was just picking on me. That’s all. Other guys in the league at the time dressed like me. Guys is supposed to be able to be original and dress like how they want to dress. The NBA can’t dress no grown man.