Allen Iverson Wants to Be a Consultant for the Philadelphia Sixers

by January 30, 2013

The Answer turned down a chance to play in the D-League, and though he continues to work out in the increasingly slim hopes of signing another NBA contract, Allen Iverson’s manager (Gary Moore) has begun to look for off-the-court opportunities. One of those could be as a consultant in Philly. Reports the AP: “Moore was in Philadelphia visiting with Sixers owner Josh Harris and CEO Adam Aron about reconnecting Iverson with the 76ers. Iverson led the Sixers to the 2001 NBA Finals and is cemented as one of the franchise’s all-time great players. He is the franchise leader in 40-point games (76) and three-pointers (885), and is second behind Hal Greer in points (19,931). He had two stints with the Sixers, and last played for them in 2009-10. Moore said there are no immediate plans for the 37-year-old Iverson to retire. ‘Once he does do that, I want to ensure that Josh Harris and Adam Aron know how much Allen appreciates what Philadelphia has meant to him, what the NBA has meant to him,’ Moore said, ‘and to someday come back and be a consultant to them, to help them do certain things.'”