Alvin Gentry: Derrick Rose is the ‘Runaway MVP’

Another day, another coach annoints DRose as the League’s most valuable player. Rinse, lather, repeat: “As he informed the Bulls official scorer of his starting lineup in the Suns locker room Tuesday night, Phoenix coach Alvin Gentry joked he’d rather see Michael Jordan in the Bulls lineup than Derrick Rose. ‘But that’s just because Michael is 48,’ laughed Gentry. As he met reporters, though, Gentry wasn’t kidding around when he talked about Rose’s talents and the potential of the Bulls in the postseason. ‘You put a healthy team out there with [Joakim] Noah and [Carlos] Boozer, along with everybody else, and they’ve got as good as a chance as anybody to win the East,’ said Gentry. ‘I don’t know why they wouldn’t be [the favorites]. They’ve got everything they need. The inexperience that Rose has, I don’t think it really matters,’ added Gentry. ‘In theory, that sounds good—that he’s a little inexperienced and he’s only been around awhile—but in actuality, the guy is as good as anyone playing. To me, the guy is the runaway MVP of the league.'”