Alvin Gentry Has Lost Respect for Kevin Garnett

by February 04, 2011

KG’s latest antics did not sit well with Alvin Gentry. Think he’s mad? Imagine how Channing Frye feels. From 620 KTAR (via Arizona Sports): “I used to be a big fan of [Kevin Garnett],” [Gentry] said. ‘Some of the antics he’s pulled lately, you don’t need to do that as a star player. I’ve never seen Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant or even a Dwyane Wade do that.’ The coach was upset because Garnett not only hit Channing Frye in the groin late in the Suns 88-71 victory over the Celtics but also because the forward placed his foot where Frye could land on it after shooting. Gentry viewed the tactics as reckless play that could cause injury to a fellow player. ‘You can compete and play hard, that doesn’t need to be a part of it. It really doesn’t,’ he said. ‘To do that to someone you can seriously hurt him,’ he said. ‘You know the fact that all of a sudden Channing comes down on his foot twice on jump shots that’s a very dangerous play. If you’re asking me, yeah, I lost a little respect for him. I love his competitive nature but there is no place for what he was doing in our game.'”