Amare Does Not Miss D`Antoni and Porter

by April 15, 2009

Nope, not at all: “Stoudemire said he was frustrated that Porter didn’t allow him to show off the things he had worked on last summer, primarily his ball-handling skills. He also said Porter was a `my way or the highway` coach who `wasn’t really accepting of what we (the players) thought would work.` As for D’Antoni, Stoudemire said, `He sometimes wouldn’t talk to certain players, which sometimes can be a little frustrating because you want to build that relationship with a coach and be his friend.` In contrast, Stoudemire had nothing but praise for Gentry, who he called a players’ coach. `You want a coach you can hug and hold and high-five and really have fun with,` Stoudemire said. `That makes it fun to play.`”