Andray Blatche Guarantees Game 7 Nets Victory


Andray Blatche, after guaranteeing a Game 6 Nets win in Brooklyn, has now guaranteed a Game 7 Nets win in Toronto. From the Brooklyn Game:

Andray Blatche, fresh off an excellent defensive performance in a game he’d guaranteed his team would win, left the locker room before the rest of his Nets teammates. Maybe he was looking to sneak out without speaking with reporters, as he was in the hallway heading out while Jason Kidd gave his post-game press conference. Maybe he just got dressed and was ready to leave.

Either way, Blatche was caught by a few media members on his way out, giving a post-game interview not in front of his locker but in front of Barclays Center’s white brick hallway directly outside the Ortsbo Interview Room.

Sure enough, after guaranteeing a Game 6 victory, Blatche called it one more time.

“Yeah,” he said, speaking casually, with a hint of realization. “Yeah. We guarantee it. We’re going to go there, take care of business, and go to Miami.”