Andre Drummond Rehabbing Injured Back By Drumming

by February 11, 2013

Detroit Pistons rookie big man Andre Drummond is out for 4-6 weeks with an injured back. Part of Drummond’s rehab, believe it or not, includes beating on a drum. Per the Detroit News: “The Drummond drum beat served two purposes. It is helping his sore back get better and it also is a way for Drummond to keep connected with his team. He will be with teammates every day during his rehabilitation. Step one was beating on a drum that he carried with him throughout the game-day practice. The idea is to strengthen his core by keeping his back straight while he taps on the drums. […] ‘He is our Ringo Starr,’ Pistons coach Lawrence Frank said. ‘I think it is very important that when you are injured in all professional sports to remain engaged. Sometimes in sports when you are injured, you become invisible. I think it is important that we integrate him in everything we do and he integrates himself. Mentally you are preparing like you are playing, but physically you can’t play. So you prepare yourself as best you can.'”