Andre Iguodala on Trade Talk: ‘I Don’t Have Control Over it’

Iggy is doing his best to ignore seeing his name all over the trade rumor mill, impossible as that may seem. The Daily News reports: “I really haven’t been paying too much attention to it,’ [Iguodala] said. ‘I don’t have control over it . My biggest thing this summer is I am trying to relax, and keep my mind off basketball … My thing is, things happen, let it happen and then react to it. I think it’s too early for me to start worrying about it.’ Sixers president Rod Thorn has been a busy man since the end of the season, saying he has talked to ‘over 20 teams” about ‘a variety of things.’ The latest rumor that seems to be heating up has the Sixers dealing forward Andre Iguodala to Golden State for scoring guard Monta Ellis. ‘We talk to teams daily about a variety of things,’ said Thorn this morning. ‘I’ve talked to 20 teams, over 20 teams, in the past couple of weeks. We have nothing to say right now about anything. There is nothing imminent.’ Both Iguodala and Ellis have three years remaining on their current contracts, with Iguodala scheduled to make a little more than $42 million while Ellis will get about $33 million. Ellis could provide the scorer the Sixers are searching for, as he averaged 24.1 points last season and 25.5 the season before.”