Andrew Bogut Says the Only Way to Avoid Injury is to ‘Be a Puss’

by September 21, 2014

Oft-injured Warriors big man Andrew Bogut was asked about his current health status, and he had nothing but positive things to say—and an interesting take on how to avoid injuries in the future. (Spoiler alert: Doesn’t sound like he plans on employing said strategy.) Per

“My body feels great,” said Bogut, who returned to working out in mid-June after his fractured rib healed. “All of my injuries have been of the high-impact variety. The only thing I can do to change that is to be a puss and avoid contact at all costs. Then, it’s the other side of the ball when people say I’m a puss. I’ll take the good with the bad. I’ll still take charges and go for blocked shots. Every now and then, I’ll get a knock.”