Andrew Bogut Lost 22 Pounds By Cutting Down on Sugar

Golden State Warriors center Andrew Bogut showed up for training camp some twenty two pounds lighter than he was during last season’s championship run.

The big fella reports that he basically elimininated processed sugar from his diet over the summer.

Bogut is looking to become more of an offensive force for the defending champs this season.

Per the San Fran Chronicle:

“He’s had one of the best training camps of anyone here,” interim coach Luke Walton said. “He led the break twice, which I didn’t see him do last year. I know he likes to bring the ball up, but he was out in front of the break – Magic Johnson-style.”


Bogut’s secret? Eliminating processed sugar. The average male consumes nine teaspoons of sugar a day Bogut said. He initially cut his intake to nearly zero, which he doesn’t recommend. […] “I had some headaches and some lethargy,” Bogut admitted. Now instead of nine teaspoons a day, Bogut allows three or four.


“It’s all in moderation,” Bogut advised. He scours food labels in search of processed sugar. “It’s in absolutely everything,” he lamented. “It’s ridiculous.” […] “He’s agile and mobile, just like he’s always been, but his energy is really high,” (Stephen) Curry said. “He’s making some crazy plays as a big man and looking for his shot a lot more.”