Andrew Bogut on Ankle Injury: ‘I’m Not Optimistic’

by January 26, 2012

Andrew Bogut’s left ankle injury in Houston last night had the big man fearing for the worst, reports the Journal Sentinel: “Bogut went up to try to block a shot by Rockets guard Kyle Lowry and came down on Lowry’s foot. The 7-foot center twisted his left ankle and limped off the court with the help of Bucks trainer Marc Boff. After the game, Bogut sat in front of his locker with a grimace on his face and a large black boot on his left foot. ‘It wasn’t good,’ Bogut said. ‘I knew when I came down I was in some trouble. Keeping optimistic, everything’s fine with the X-ray, but that’s to be expected. I know I didn’t break a bone. But tomorrow’s the day of reckoning where I go under the MRI machine and find out my fate.’ The best-case scenario would be a severely sprained ankle, but even that would be likely to sideline Bogut for a week or more. ‘Once we know what the diagnosis is, we’ll know how to treat it,” Bogut said. “But it’s going to be ice-massage, ice-massage, ice-massage. I’m not optimistic. With my history of unlucky injuries I’m hoping this one can do me a favor and (go away). Most of my injuries are unfortunate things and this goes in the same boat as that. It’s frustrating.’ Bogut said if he gets some good news ‘hopefully it would be a week thing. We’ll see what happens.'”