Andrew Bogut: Steph Curry Wants to ‘Destroy the Other Team’s Soul’

by December 06, 2015

Stephen Curry scored 40+ again and the Warriors beat the Raptors on Saturday to move to 21-0. Right now, no one in the NBA is player better than Steph. He’s a straight-up killer. So what’s his mentality each game? Warriors center Andrew Bogut has a pretty scary explanation for it: he wants to “destroy” opposing teams’ souls. Here are Bogut’s comments, via James Herbert of CBS Sports NBA:

“It’s usually a two- or three-minute spurt,” Bogut said. “It’s not like Steph’s dribbling down and shooting parking-lot 3s all game. He can sense when it’s [time], he’ll move the ball early on usually, he’ll find a sense that he can break the game, just destroy the other team’s soul and that’s what he goes for. Same as Klay.”



What would happen if he just hunted for his shot all game?


“He’d probably score 70 or 80, but it’d most likely be like the Warriors of old,” Bogut said. “Steph’s been on those teams where they scored 120 points and the other team scored 130, guys got their numbers and everyone was talking about individuals. But how many guys do you remember from the 80s and 90s that averaged 20 points a game and never won a championship? There’s not many. Those stats are cool to talk about with your friends, but no one really gives a s— to be quite honest.”