Andrew Bogut Wants His Teammates to Scuffle With One Another

The Golden State Warriors were just 23-43 last season, so it should come as no surprise that big man Andrew Bogut would like some changes in the overall attitude of the squad this year. But the way in which he’d like that attitude to change—that part’s a little surprising. Via “Bogut also has to bring that attitude that he talks about. ‘If I can influence other people to step up their up games defensively, that’ll be mission accomplished for me,’ he said. … Holding each other accountable. Being prepared to get in a teammate’s face. Now we’re getting somewhere. ‘If there’s not one fight in practice during the season — you never want to fight just to fight — but if there’s not one little scuffle or one little verbal, something’s wrong. Guys aren’t competing, guys aren’t there for the right reason, guys are just punching the clock,” he said. “I guarantee you if you interview the Lakers and the Celtics with Paul Pierce and Garnett, there’s scuffles at practice, there’s physicality, elbows thrown. You have to go through that when the time is right. If something needs to be said and someone doesn’t like it, you’ve got to go out and say, ‘Hey, that’s part of being the leader.’ This team won 20-something games last season [23]. Things have to change.'”