Andrew Wiggins Wants to Dunk on Joel Embiid

by October 07, 2016

Joel Embiid will undoubtedly be a target for the NBA’s high-flying stars, and Andrew Wiggins intends to “get him”.

Wiggins wants to posterize his former college teammate.

The 21-year-old also discussed the “good pressure” the Minnesota Timberwolves will be facing this season.

Per Fox Sports:

You guys have this 2011 OKC Thunder vibe to you … everyone knows there’s something special here, but, just how special? Now that the Timberwolves are no longer the “lovable losers” and are a legit dark horse contender,€“ how do you manage the new pressure on your shoulders?


AW: “It’s a good pressure. We got more national TV games, people are watching, expectations are higher. We absolutely love it. That’s what keeps us going. I’m such a competitor that the only thing I want to do is prove that everyone’s expectations are right.”


If you could posterize someone right now, who you dunking on?


AW: “My boy JoJo Embiid from the Sixers. I never got him (as teammates) in college; time to get him now.”

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