Anthony Davis is Obsessed With Eating Pizza

by April 05, 2013

6-foot-11, 220-pound rookie big man Anthony Davis wants to bulk up, and he wants the process to be delicious. Ergo, he eats a ton of pizza. Despite the young fella’s fascination with the fatty deep-dish, though, it’s not working. Not yet, anyway. Per Yahoo! Sports: “New Orleans offers some of the world’s most renowned restaurants like Emeril’s, Commander’s Palace and Herbsaint. So what dish has Hornets rookie Anthony Davis fallen in love with since arriving to the Crescent City? Pizza. Specifically from the city’s Reginelli’s Pizzeria chain restaurant, where his pie of choice is a large with double pepperoni and double sausage. ‘He eats pizza, man. It’s like if anyone says, ‘P … I’ and then, ‘Pizza,’ he perks up,’ Hornets coach Monty Williams said. ‘This dude has this fascination with pizza. It’s unreal.’ Despite the calories and carbohydrates acquired with each meat lover’s slice, Davis, a slender 6-foot-11, 220-pounder, has not gained much weight since being drafted No. 1 overall last year. Davis says his high metabolism is keeping him from picking up pounds. Hornets coach Monty Williams believes the 20-year-old is improving as a player, but says he will be better with more muscle. […] The ideal weight for Davis is debatable among the Hornets. They don’t want him to add more than 20 pounds, fearful it could lead to back and knees injuries. Williams would like Davis to have a svelte and strong body similar to Blazers forward-center LaMarcus Aldridge, who is 6-11 and 255 pounds. An extra 15 pounds of muscle, including around seven in the upcoming offseason, is Williams’ target for Davis. […] ‘[Aldridge] is a great example,’ Davis said. ‘L.A. came in looking like me, Dwight [Howard] came in looking like me, Kevin Durant, and they are all doing well in the league.’ … ‘You definitely don’t want to get too strong,’ Davis said. ‘You don’t want to get too big where you are not able to still do the things you do. You don’t want to change your game at all because that’s what got you there. You just want to be able to hold your own on the court.'”