Anthony Davis Knows That Without Superstars Hornets Will Struggle

by October 03, 2012

Unlike Eric Gordon and his grandiose ideas about making the Playoffs, rookie Anthony Davis is taking a much more cautious approach to this season. He realizes thatby not having any superstars, the New Orleans Hornets could be in for a rough year. From the Times-Picayune: “Davis spent the summer as part of the U.S. Men’s Olympic basketball team that won the gold medal in the London Games. Davis became the youngest basketball gold medal winner in U.S. history. Despite that valuable experience, Davis said Tuesday he’ll benefit greatly from the nearly one month of training camp leading up to the Hornets’ regular-season opener Oct. 31 at home against the San Antonio Spurs. […] It was a bit of a jolt, Davis admitted, from going to an Olympic Team roster that featured league MVPs past and present, as well as All-Stars at every position to a rebuilt roster devoid of recognizable headliners. ‘In the Olympics,’ Davis said, ‘you have the best of the best. Here – and I didn’t know this – we don’t have one player who’s played in the All-Star game. It’s going to be tough for us. Most teams have that superstar or that All-Star. We really don’t have that here. We’re going to have to work harder than everyone else.'”