Are Duncan, Smith, Jennings All-Star Snubs?

by February 10, 2012

According to Total Player Value, a website that attempts to evaluate the financial worth of NBA players, Tim Duncan, Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings were All-Star snubs. What do you think? From TPV:  “TPV has three adjustments to the rosters released last night. Tim Duncan rates over Dirk Nowitzki for a West backup frontcourt slot. In the East, Josh Smith grades ahead of starting forward Carmelo Anthony, who does not rate as a reserve. Brandon Jennings rates over Deron Williams as a backcourt reserve.  The rosters are still subject to change, based on injuries which may occur in the next two weeks. In the East, TPV rates Josh Smith as a starting forward over Carmelo Anthony, who was selected by a fan vote. Smith is grading at a $ 15.7 million player value, higher than his teammate and All-Star reserve Joe Johnson at $ 12.2, and well ahead of Anthony’s $ 12.0. Jennings  is grading at $ 11.9 million, clearly ahead of Williams’ $ 9.7 rating. He is slightly behind Anthony, but the selection process requires four guards for each team. Milwaukee’s third-year point guard is averaging 18.9 points and 5.3 assists for an 11-14 team, and has played in all 25 games. He has also been instrumental in both of his team’s upset wins over Miami.”