Artest on Playing in NY: Have No Fear

by November 25, 2009

Ron says players are scared to play in Gotham because of the pressure. Is he sure it has nothing to do with how awful the city’s team is?: “I think people need to stop being scared and go to New York,’ Artest said Tuesday. ‘They’re scared. They’re so scared of the pressure and the media. I’m like, pardon my language, but I’m like, — the media and — everybody that’s putting pressure on you. That’s how I would take that. That’s why I went to St. John’s,’ Artest continued. ‘People were like, ‘Don’t go to St. John’s because you don’t need the distractions.’ I was like, ‘I’m going here because I want to go here.’ If I wanted to play for the Knicks, I would play because I wanted to play and I wouldn’t feel no pressure from anybody.”‘