Author: Shaquille O’Neal’s Dad Physically Abused Him Growing Up

by November 11, 2011

So far, everything we’ve read about Shaq’s new book has been largely entertaining, if debatable. But the latest revelation, courtesy of author Jackie MacMullen, is no laughing matter. Per USA Today: “[Jackie] MacMullen described the abuse and the methods of O’Neal’s father Phillip Harrison who she says ‘beat the living daylights out of him at every turn. We’re not talking about spanking. We’re talking about a belt. Beating him badly. Something that disturbed his mother greatly. Of course, Shaq’s mom and his dad aren’t together any more. I think that’s in part why. Sarge was a military guy, that’s how his father raised him, and that’s how he was going to raise his son.’ MacMullen, who relates a story about Harrison punching O’Neal in the face said Shaq does not blame his father. ‘Shaq said, ‘He never hit me without cause, if it weren’t for him I’d be in prison right now because I was a wise guy, and I did the wrong things, and I was caught up with the wrong kids….I understand why he did it. I love him. I would never do it to my own kids.'”