Back to basketball

by September 17, 2007

By Sam Rubenstein

Let me quickly run through what happened yesterday regarding my two favorite other sports.

Football: I drove out to SLAM Art Director Stephen Goggi’s house to watch the Giants game. On the way there, I misread a turn and ended up driving head on into oncoming traffic. Somehow I kept my cool, backed out of it, went undetected by the cops, and got to Stephen’s house. That was the highlight of my football watching day. The Giants do not play what coaches sometimes refer to as “defense.”

Fantasy baseball: After 23 weeks of people obsessing constantly, talking so much trash, somehow it came down to the last game on a Sunday night. In my match-up, the only way I could possibly lose was if Mariano Rivera picked up a save. If you watched the Yankee-Red Sox game on espn, you saw how close he came to blowing it. There was money on the line. Derek Jeter’s home run off of Curt Schilling made a Rivera appearance possible, and then the 9th inning played out like a playoff classic. Mariano vs. Big Papi with 2 outs and the bases loaded after a run had already scored and the Yanks held a one run lead. Either he would blow the save or he’d nail it down. Whether the game was tied or won by either team was inconsequential.

I watched with the intensity of game 7 of the World Series. It is a tough one to get over. When I get to the office today, I will receive condolences. Ah… but we must move on.

Congrats to Cappy Pondexter and the Phoenix Mercury. Goody will have the WNBA championship recap for us today. Congrats to Russia and their MVP Andrei Kirilenko.

We should have another exclusive cover shoot video that I’ve been editing. Here is one final desperate plea, does anyone know how to rotate video 90 degrees using imovie? I know if you have a more advanced video editing program you can do it, but is there a trick way to do it for free?