Ben Simmons to Make 'Minor' Changes to Jumpshot

by May 11, 2018

Ben Simmons told reporters that he plans to make “minor” changes to his jumper this summer, but don’t expect an overhaul.

Simmons, 21, enjoyed a remarkable rookie season and envisions a very bright future in Philly.

The Sixers’ 52-win season ended with a five-game loss to the Boston Celtics in the second round of the playoffs.

Per the AP:

“If we all sat in that room when we met back in September, and said we’re going to finish third in the Eastern conference, we’re going to lose in the semifinals of the Eastern Conference, there’s a strong chance we all would have been hugging each other,” coach Brett Brown said. “The initial goal was to make the playoffs. The final piece is, if we’re going to do anything of any significance.”

Simmons can drive the lane as well any guard in the league. He sure can’t shoot like the best, though.

“It just takes time, shooting the ball,” Simmons said. “It’s one of those things where you want to improve your game and get better.”