Besiktas Exec: 50 Percent Chance Kobe Comes to Turkey

by July 25, 2011

As rumors continue to swirl that Kobe Bryant may join Deron Williams in Turkey, Seref Yalcin, the Head of Basketball Operations at Besiktas (the club that signed DWill and is chasing Kobe) has been quoted as saying that the chances of a deal are at 50-50. The original story from the Turkish paper is here, but translated into English, Yalcin says: “At the moment there’s a 50% chance that Kobe may come to Turkey. Everything will be clearer after the meeting on the 30th. We have not talked about money, as reported. We only talked about the possibility of Kobe playing in Turkey. We asked FIBA for approval and Kobe wants some time to think about it. We believe that his reponse is going to be positive. Money will not be a problem. Turkish Airlines, M-Oil and Milan Petrol will sponsor the deal.”

(H/T Atahan Erim for the translation)