Big Ben, Joe Smith and Nick Mango

by Lang Whitaker

“Too many ‘bigs’ is like too much money, being too thin.” — Mark Warkentien, Nuggets GM.

Joe Smith, the number one pick of the 1995 NBA Draft, was traded to Denver yesterday in exchange for The Nannystopper, Ruben Patterson. Big Rube should be a nice fit in Milwaukee, and Joe Smith gives the Nuggets more depth inside. I wonder if this means Reggie Evans is out for the Nuggets?

• Love this move: The BETcats have signed Argentinian forward Walter Herrmann. The Charlotte paper gives up absolutely no information about Herrmann, but know this: He looks like Fabio. Keep the geese away from him!

Jamaal Magloire, who’s been relatively laconic ever since making the All-Star team two years ago, introduced himself to the people of Portland as “a soldier.” Unfortunately he wasn’t wearing a Kellen Winslow Jr. jersey.

• As had been rumored for a while, the Nets re-signed Uncle Cliffy Robinson today, and they also put an end to The Darkness, waiving Zoran Planinic and his floppy hair. Zoran, we hardly knew ya.

Rip Hamilton says it’s OK that Big Ben took the money and ran.

• It sounds like Comcast wants to sell the Sixers but hang on to the money they generate. well of course they do. Problem is, if you’re buying the team, you probably want, you know, the money the team is going to make.

• The picture with this article is amazing.

• Finally, I wanted to link to this story about former swingman Michael Curry being named VP of the NBA, but that’s buried down below a thing about Maurice Clarett. I read through that and learned that Clarett’s attorney is named…Nick Mango! Wonder if he knows Ron Mexico?