Blake Griffin and Others Think Serge Ibaka Should’ve Been Suspended

by March 06, 2013

The consensus among NBA players and the general public appears to be that Serge Ibaka got away with just a $25,000 fine for his punch to Blake Griffin’s groin area. The LA Clippers star forward joked about the League’s ruling on Twitter, and told the press that perhaps Ibaka was allowed to play last night since it was a big, nationally-televised game against the Los Angeles Lakers. Per the OC Register: “From what I heard, I guess he’s saying he was just trying to get his hand away from mine,’ Griffin said after Tuesday’s practice. ‘I actually didn’t have his hand. He had my arm, so I don’t know how it’s going to be interpreted. It is surprising, but it is a big game tonight (against the Lakers) … It’s kind of a mess. It’s kind of a tough situation,’ Griffin added. ‘Whatever the NBA wants to do and however they want to handle it, we’ll let them handle it that way.’ Although Griffin was unhappy with the league’s reaction, he said he wasn’t going to ‘cry and complain’ or retaliate. ‘I don’t really see how it can be let go, but I’m not going to do anything about it,’ he said. ‘It’s not really my job to start running around punching people and hitting people because it doesn’t really solve anything. It really just gets myself in trouble, and I don’t want that. When something like that happens, I feel it’s best to let someone else take care of it because me going and punching somebody isn’t really a part of the game.'”