Blake Griffin Takes Setback in Stride

by January 15, 2010

Griffin understands that, though disappointing, this is the best course of action for his health and career: “In a news conference at the Clippers’ training facility in Playa Vista, Griffin said he was “obviously disappointed’ but that ‘it’s better to take care of it now and not have to deal with it in the future. This has been a possibility in the back of my mind that it might have to happen,’ he said of surgery, ‘so it made it a little bit easier to process and transition to actually having to make this decision. It’s frustrating but at the same time this is the best choice for me.’ Griffin, the NBA’s No. 1 draft pick, said he began noticing that the knee was aggravated during drills toward the end of last week. ‘It’s not nearly the pain that I had when it first happened,’ he said. But it was ‘one of those things where I wouldn’t be able to have full strength, I’d be playing at 75% for the rest of the season,’ Griffin said. ‘I’d much rather get this done now and be able to play 100% at the beginning of next season.”‘