Blake Griffin Tired of Rough Play from Defenders

Blake Griffin absorbed a hard foul on the break last night, and following the tough loss at home, he vowed that he won’t let defenders get overly physical with him anymore. From the Press-Enterprise: “Griffin’s 22nd birthday was, on the court, hardly one he’ll want to remember. He went 3 for 12 from the field, 8 for 15 at the line and finished with 14 points and eight rebounds before fouling out for just the third time this season. That probably didn’t help the frustration he felt when hauled down by Battie — just as he was hit in the face, almost certainly inadvertantly, from Jodie Meeks on the same play. ‘I just felt like they had let things go way too much up to that point,’ Griffin said, ‘and that’s what happens when you let things go and you don’t call fouls. Things like that happen. It gets to that point. And I thought it was ridiculous. So I’m not going to take that. I’m not going to take stuff like that. I’ve done it too much this season. It got to me.’ Foye understood why his rookie teammate was so upset. ‘I know he feels guys don’t go for the ball, and just take a whack at him just to let him know not to come down the lane,’ Foye said. ‘So when he was taking his steps, and getting ready to jump off of one foot, that’s why I think he got so upset. That’s why I grabbed him so quick, because I could see when he got up, there was a lot of anger there… You don’t want him to get suspended.'”