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Adam Morrison clean cutMission Makeover: Charlotte. A style editor in the Charlotte area writes in her blog about how everyone wants her to makeover Adam Morrison. I don’t see it happening, and she says she’ll only do it if Adam wants her to. Keep the grimy Joey Ramone haircut Adam! it’s a good way to hide the tears. Heh heh heh, I keed I keed.

This was written last week before he got hurt, but Father Knickerblogger put together a compilation of what some observers thought of Renaldo Balkman. The thing I’m most concerned about is this quote from Balkman in the NY Post the other day: “I’m so excited being in Las Vegas for the first time.” Uh oh.

Some nice Atlanta Hawks photoshop works over at Yay Sports! concerning the continuing Belkin saga.

Poor Pistons fans. First they lose Ben Wallace, now they’re getting excited about Mateen Cleaves sightings.

With the Bulls recent moves and the White Sox the defending champs having a great year, is Jerry Reinsdorf the best owner in sports?