Bobby Portis Says Claims Of Dirty Play Are ‘Foolish’

by February 12, 2018
bobby portis dirty player

Bulls forward Bobby Portis says Jodie Meeks is “foolish” for claiming that Portis made a dirty play against Tomas Satoransky.

Portis was called for a flagrant 2 late in the fourth quarter of the Bulls’ 90-101 loss to the Wizards on Saturday.

Following the game, Meeks said that Portis tried to take Satoransky out.

“If you can’t get there, let him go, don’t try to take him out,” Meeks said. “Obviously, not everybody abides by those rules.”

Late Sunday, Portis took to twitter to respond to Meeks, calling him “foolish” and saying, “Anybody watching the vid know I went for the ball.”

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