UPDATE: Iverson Close to Deal

by Ryne Nelson

The last person you’d expect to be updating Allen Iverson’s Twitter is The Answer himself. Not to say AI isn’t capable of producing 10+ perfectly formed tweets like this one every day, but let’s just say the odds are low.

That said, this ‘verified’ account has been providing media and fans alike with the latest in Iverson’s contract situation for next season, and there’s no reason to doubt it now. The invisible Allen Iverson Twitter handler says he’s close to signing with an NBA team for the upcoming season:

My people just informed me that we are getting close to a deal. I asked them to call me the when its done. I am so ready to know!

We’re not sure if there’s actual interest from all three teams, but Ivey’s waiting for offers: “If you think that I am just going away-Think again! I am getting ready for the NBA season. Waiting for the call. Charlotte, Miami, NY.”