Boston Celtics Co-Owner: ‘I Want Miami to Lose So Badly’

by May 25, 2011

Like many in the hoops-watching public, Celtics’ co-owner Wyc Grousbeck is rooting for the Heat to go down in the Playoffs (unlikely as that may appear.) From WEEI: “Celtics co-owner Wyc Grousbeck joined the Dennis & Callahan show Wednesday morning during a charity benefit for the Massachusetts Soldiers Legacy Fund at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Boston … After the Celtics lost to the Heat in the Eastern Conference semifinals, Grousbeck was asked if he is still watching the playoffs. ‘I am watching this year because I want Miami to lose so badly,’ he said, adding ‘I’m rooting hard against the Heat.’ Grousbeck said he will be rooting for the Mavericks the rest of the way because of his relationship with Mavs owner Mark Cuban. Said Grousbeck: ‘I love the guy. … He’s just a good guy. He genuinely roots for us against other teams. He is a Celtics fan when he’s not a Mavs fan. And we’re going to return the favor.’ Grousbeck did give the Heat credit. ‘I thought they outplayed us in the series,’ he said. ‘They had more juice. They had more pop. I can’t really deny that. I would have loved to take that Monday night game in Boston and make it 2-2 and see what happened. I think we might have won the thing. But I don’t really regret with like a huge missed chance. I’m just annoyed we didn’t beat them.'”