Boston Celtics Discussing Extension With Rajon Rondo

According to Celtics GM Danny Ainge, the team has approached star point guard (and newly-appointed team captain) Rajon Rondo about extending his current deal. Per CBS Boston:

“We did talk to Rondo about extending him,” Ainge admitted. “But that’s all part of the negotiation that will happen again this summer and most likely the summer after. I don’t know [if he will sign an extension], time will tell.”

“In the Collective Bargaining Agreement, there are limits on what can and can’t be done. Really it’s not that Rondo doesn’t want to accept an extension, but it’s just not financially smart for him to accept it right now,” said Ainge. “We didn’t think he would [sign], but we did tried.”

Ainge didn’t want to discuss any of the negotiations, but admitted that Rondo will probably get “star money” and “demand quite a bit on the open market.”

“He does a lot out there on the court just to keep us organized. He’s feeling his way and it’s about what we expected,” said Ainge. “There’s an adjustment period coming back physically and getting over the mental hurdle of pushing himself through some tough situations.”