Boston Celtics Preparing to Make a Multi-Player Trade?

by January 07, 2013

The obvious suspicion is that the Boston Celtics are pushing to land DeMarcus Cousins, this despite the Sacramento Kings’ quite understandable reluctance to part ways with their young center. Boston is reportedly setting itself up to make a blockbuster trade. Per CSNNE: “Two league sources contacted on Sunday said that the Celtics will look to bolster their roster via a multi-player trade. And now that the C’s are starting to play better, the C’s will have more attractive trading pieces to work with. While it’s unlikely the Celtics will look to move any member of their big Three – Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett – league sources confirmed that there’s ‘growing’ interest in Courtney Lee who might become more expendable with the return of Avery Bradley. Brandon Bass is another possible Celtic on the move, one league source said. ‘But it’s not like the Celtics are shopping those guys,’ the second source said. ‘They have some good players who haven’t played as well I think as those players would want or what the Celtics expected.'”