Bourne to Preview the NBA

by September 07, 2007

By Sam Rubenstein

Movie recommendation: The Bourne Ultimatum. If I mysteriously disappear one day, it’s because I have begun training to become a brainwashed assassin for the CIA. Just like Jason Bourne.

Last night I rode with the 4 horsemen of the appocalypse

1) Chipotle

2) Movie theater buttered popcorn

3) drankin’

4) NFL football

It was a fun night, but as soon as I finish this I’ve got to hit the gym hard. The CIA doesn’t take just any slob off the streets and bring them into the program. As for the football game, the Saints were pretty much disemboweled. Khalid Salaam, my arch-nemesis, has been telling everyone he sees that the only team standing in the way of the Super Bowl for the Eagles are those Saints, and he’s not even afraid of them. The results of the game last night must have put a smile on Khalid’s face. I hate that.

Deadspin should be… interesting today. Rick Ankiel is the anti-Jason Bourne. I don’t know what that means but it’s true.

And I have some surprising good news for all of us. Yesterday I thought hey maybe I should get going on asking people to contribute to the slamonline NBA Season Preview. It turns out we have more people working for/with us than I ever imagined. Twenty three of the thirty teams are spoken for.

Alright. To the gym!