Brad Stevens: Jared Sullinger Should Study Kevin Love

by December 17, 2013


Celtics coach Brad Stevens thinks that Jared Sullinger would benefit from studying Kevin Love’s game. Sully’s shot selection, rebounding prowess and body type all support a Kevin Love-lite comparison. From the Telegram & Gazette:

Sullinger has improved in his second NBA season after returning from back surgery that shortened his rookie season, but Celtics fans would love it if he comes close to what Love has done.

“I think a really good guy for him to study,” Stevens said, “when we get into the offseason will be Love. I think you talk about guy who is an outstanding post scorer, his skill level has increased every year, body is phenomenal, has completely done a 180 in his body.”

The 6-9, 280-pound Sullinger also entered the NBA at age 20 after playing two years at Ohio State. His numbers of 13.5 ppg, 9 rebounds, 29.5 percent from threeland don’t approach Love’s this year, but they’re comparable to Love’s averages in his second year in the league (14 ppg, 7.2 rpg, 33 percent). If Sullinger is going to keep improving the way Love has, he’ll need to get in better shape.

“Sullinger’s a guy that can score the ball,” Stevens said. “Those guys, they’re not a lot of them in the world that score at this level, especially when they’re undersized and he’s got a nice knack for it. There’s still things he can get better at and he will get better at, but studying Love would be a goodplace to start.”