Bradley Beal: ‘We’re the Best Team in the East’

The Washington Wizards, according to Bradley Beal, are the Eastern Conference’s top squad.

Beal, 24, believes Washington can challenge the Cleveland Cavaliers for supremacy in the conference.

(This team does not lack confidence: John Wall says he’s the best point guard in the East.)


“I feel like we’re the best team in the East, I really do,” Bradley Beal said. “That’s how we feel coming into the season.”


Beal said as much on television in May when the Cavs thrashed the Celtics in the conference finals, and it elicited a strong response from JR Smith on social media.


“We love the matchup against them and why not?” Beal said. “I said it and JR didn’t like it too much, some of their other guys didn’t like it too much. But I felt that way. It’s not disrespect with them, I’m not saying we’d have won the series, but I feel like our competition level and matchups would’ve been better. I’d have loved to see it, but at the end of the day you tip your hat to them. They’ve been in the Finals for the last three years.”

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